About Leda

 I've always wanted to find time to make stuff I feel like making, just because I feel like it, but the career gods kept dangling interesting producer job offers at me that I couldn’t refuse. I produced a ton of fun stuff and it's kept me very busy. But I've always had this itch that needs scratching. It's an itch for unfettered expression I guess. I was turned on when I studied The Carnivalesque ala Mikhail Bakhtin at Hampshire College, Critical Theory at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, consensus decision-making while traveling Eastern Europe with a Danish folk school while the Berlin wall fell. I made documentaries and films about traumatic events in my life that went to festivals. Tryna figure out what the sum of all of my experiences will be. Cognito is my attempt to immerse myself in those topics again, to find people with similar interests and to do projects around these ideas.

I've also always been interested in how I might help relieve my own and others suffering, and ideas that help us do life. So I've studied many modalities; I was certified as a doula and assisted with over 20 births in the early 1990’s, I was a medic at the Berkeley Free Clinic, I completed two Yoga Teacher Trainings, at It’s Yoga in San Francisco and at Yoga Works, Larchmont in Los Angeles.  I finally got to merge my passions with my career when I produced an art festival for The LA Department of Mental Health called We Rise in 2018/19. There I got to participate in the creation and curation of artworks about wellbeing, identity, and the toxic society that makes us sick. Those events left me wanting to do more work like that. If I had all the money I'd start my own space program like Tom Sachs and Elon Musk have. But mine would explore where no man has gone before- inner space.

In 2019 I completed the UCLA Social Emotional Arts and Healing Certification program and in 2020 I began my training as a breathwork teacher. I'm halfway through a Masters of Arts in psychology program. I'm not sure what I'll do with all of that. For now I just want to make stuff I feel like making in the little spare time I have.

Life has dealt me a series of challenges that forced me to scale my inner Mt. Everest multiple times. I'm hoping that I can use my experience to help others scale theirs through art. 

The physical objects, installations and spaces I'm making all stem from concepts that have helped me overcome challenges.

I have many more Tools in development and will be adding them here as I get them done.  Right now I'm raising money to get The Cemetery of Losses built so if you know anyone that might want to help, LMK!


P.S. I also have a boutique communications agency called Cognito.Agency