The Cemetery of Losses

The Cemetery of Losses is a public art project. It's a permanent place to grieve your losses.  The cemetery will start with 30 permanent gravestones I'm currently making. You'll be able to add your own gravestone or seed pod at monthly guided grief rituals. I'm raising money to do this project and every penny helps! Please donate! All proceeds from healing sessions go toward The Cemetery of Losses.

Life is a series of losses but our culture doesn't provide enough room for us to grieve them. We avoid grieving our losses because it's painful. Yet without a place to put our grief, it can fester and show up in dysfunctional, self destructive ways. We need more language, ritual and space to honor the pain that comes with loss. I regularly set aside time to grieve and have found that it's less likely to sneak up on me and overwhelm me when I take the time to honor it.


I'm currently in the process of making the 30 gravestones, all of them representing losses I've grieved, some I continue to grieve.


 Please help me find the space and funds to build The Cemetery of Losses